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Joint sponsor

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Hello there, my mother inlaw want to co sponsor me for the greencard. The problem is, she does not live with us. What form can she fill out?

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Joint sponsor does not have to live in the same household.

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There is no requirement that a joint sponsor live in the same household as the petitioner and beneficiary. In fact, it is better when he or she does not. The co-sponsor will need to execute (fill out) another Form I-864 Affidavit of Support, not instead of, but in addition to the I-864 the petitioner is required to provide regardless of income.

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The only requirement is that your mother in law be either a US citizen or green card holder and fill out an I-864 and include supporting documentation.

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Yourco sponsor does not have to live with you. She completes the Ixfs and submits her tax return and proof of current employment


Doesn't need to live with u

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