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Joint decision on education

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My ex wants to take our child in 2nd grade on vacation during school time where class will be missed for 8 days. It is technically their time... But I don't think missing that much school is a good idea. I technically have 50/50 joint decision making on education decisions... Do decisions like this fall into that joint area? If I say no, can they still go despite my disapproval?

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You need to submit a letter to him saying you disagree with this decision and you want to mediate the issue pursuant tot eh dispute resolution provision of the PP.

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If we are talking about this school year, there won't be time to do much. You may be able to obtain an ex parte order preventing the missed time from school, but you really should meet with an experienced family law attorney and explore your legal options right away. This page does not constitute legal advice. These pages do not constitute, nor do they create, an attorney-client relationship between Attorney Frank L. LaBare and/or Maple Valley Legal Services and any receiver. This site is governed by a Site Use Agreement that you accept by reviewing these pages. The information provided on these pages is general only, and you should not act upon this information without consulting with an attorney. If you send any confidential information to Attorney Frank L. LaBare and/or Maple Valley Legal Services and you are not a client of Attorney Frank L. LaBare and/or Maple Valley Legal Services , the information shall lose its confidential status. Furthermore, if the unsolicited information you send to our Law Office, and is beneficial to our clients and adverse to you, the information you provide may be used even if it is contrary to your interests

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