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Joint Custody what rights do i have as noncustodial parent

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my Daughter has skin problems and i wanted to take her to a demitologist to seee if there was anything we could do. i made and appointment and when i contacted my daughters mother about it she told me no to cancel the appointment and to make it for a time that i have her which is after 5 on week night and every other weekend. which these are hrs the doctors don't work. i've ask to put our daughter into daddy and me or mommy and me swim classes. to be told no without even a conversation about it. it seems that i am just a babysitter not a parent what what rights do i have. everytime i do discuss parenting issues she either ignors me or threatens me with the cops. i am suppose to have first right of refusal to watch our daughter and she ignores that and takes her to a sitter or lies to me.

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It sounds like your visiting/parenting time schedule could use some professional adjustment. If you want to have more time with your daughter and be more involved with her life, then it seems you'll have to seek help from the court via motion or order to show cause. The likelihood that such an application will succeed depends on a number of factors, including what, if anything has changed (besides the mother not following the order) since the last time you were in court on this issue, and the skill of your attorney. Good luck!

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