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Joined a travel club-they postdated credit card charge when I could not pay all the up front money. Are they allowed to do that?

Dublin, OH |

I was entering a contract that included taking on a loan. An article I read about travel clubs had warnings and tips. It mentioned that they could not accept or ask someone to postdate a check or credit card payment. I am not familiar with any laws in regard to this. The article said companies can't postdate because a costumer not being able to pay up front is a sign that the person may not be able to actually pay the loan. When I did not have enough money up front, they told me I could postdate. Is there a consumer law that applies to this? I am in Indianapolis now, but the company this involves was in Dublin, Ohio.

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A company can agree to post date a check or delay putting a credit card chard through.

Based upon my read of your complaint, you no longer wish to be involved in the travel club because you are not sure the club is all that it was promised to be.

There are laws that protect consumers who purchase goods or services and do not get the value promised. Also, if you agreed to sign up for the travel club at a place other than their actual place of business there are additional laws such as the Home Solicitation Sales Act that protect you.

Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss this if you wish.

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