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Job Promotion Discrimination (I'm African American)

Broadview, IL |

my boss informed that he was going to promote someone else due to experience for a supervisor role, but that person (white) decided not to relocate. So, i thought i would get the job seeing that I'm they only one with a BS in Mechanical Engineering with experience in the product. its been three weeks and no offer has come my way. I'm i being discriminated against on the base that im black and the people that i will be supervising is all white?

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It is very difficult to prove discrimination, as there can be many legitimate reasons not related to race for the company's failure to promote you. You should, however, speak to an experienced employment attorney as soon as possible--many of us will provide a free consultation.

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Frankly, you don't seem to have enough facts to do more than speculate as to the reasons for the fact that they didn't offer you the promotion. Proving a case requires showing either an overt act or a pattern and practice. An example of an overt act would be telling you that you're just not good enough because of your race. A pattern and practice would be several other people who were refused promotions and who were of a different ethnic background than your boss. It's often harder to prove cases for professionals since there are fewer of them in most companies.

Have you considered meeting with your boss and asking him in a completely non-confrontational way why he seems to be looking for someone other than you? You may find out that he feels you're lacking in some important criterion and that can give you a direction on where to focus improvement efforts. And, it may give you a leg up on the next promotion opportunity. Just something to think about.

Hope this helps.

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