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Jail Time for Embezzlement?

Washington, DC |

A friend of mine got caught embezzling almost $100,000. She even hit me up for money, but turns out she was using cocaine. She got fired and the company is now prosecuting her. She has a past of theft. However, much of those charges were expunged late last year. Is she considered to have a clean record now that it's expunged? What's the liklihood of jail time. She doesnt want to go to jail (who does), but I wondered if the courts would see the expungement. Also, the shoplifting occurred in 2009 (I believe) and she cant get that expunged cause it hasnt been long enough.

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Embezzling that much money from an employer is looked upon much more seriously than simple theft, because it involves a breach or trust (an employee is in a unique position to damage an employer because they are entrusted with access to the employer's accounts, etc.). In addition, that much cash stolen never goes unpunished. With or without a prior record, your friend is facing jail. Her cocaine addiction may explain why she embezzled (not so much for personal gain but to feed an out-of-control addiction she couldn't handle), but it will only help in mitigation of sentence. She had better be in long-term rehab, off all illegal substances, and be employed with a repayment plan to her employer before she gets to trial, if she wants any chance to reduce or avoid straight jail time. It goes without saying that she needs a good criminal defense lawyer. ASAP.