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Jail time for bail jumping

Wautoma, WI |

I am out on bail for a dc and am on total sobriety. I was arrested for bail jumping due to drinking. I was knocked out by someone and called the cops and they arrested me. Just wondering what I should expect and if I should hire a lawyer. I don't wanna go to jail and want to no what I should do to stay out. My first crime is a class B misdemeanor.

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Attorney answers 2


You really should get an attorney to help you with this situation. Courts do not like it when their release conditions are not followed. You need an atty that knows your county -- the da's and the judges -- so that you can get the best advice about what to do in your case. You should also strongly consider doing what ever is necessary to stop drinking as that seems to be getting you in trouble. Good luck.


I agree with the first answer. Bail jumping is a Class A misdemeanor (when the underlying offense is a misdemeanor). Class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to 9 months jail and/or a $10K fine. You also risk your original bail being forfieted, having to pay additional cash bail, or more conditions to follow. You need an attorney on your side; and you need to undergo an alcohol and other drug abuse assessment and follow through with any recommeded treatment.

Good luck!