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Hello! My J1 will be ending in March 2013 and I waived the 2 year requirement already. My wife (J2) wants to go to university here and we want to change her status from J2-F1 and my status will change from J1- F2. We have enough financial support as well. Is it a better idea to go back to our country (Turkey) and apply the visa there or is it the same thing if we apply while we are in the US. And I will appreciate if you have any idea how long would it take? Are we able to stay in the US while the visa is in process? and is there a risk of having deny for the status chance? And do I need a lawyer? Sorry for asking lots of questions. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards

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I would suggest you speak to an immigration attorney in more detail about the matter. I would need to know how you waived the 2 year home residency requirement already.



Dear Mr. Segal, My apologies but I believe you already know how I waived the 2 year requirement. I went through the USCIS page and followed the instructions in there. I received my waiver about 4 months ago. I appreciate for your time but I was hoping to get some information about my concerns. Cordially yours,

Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal


I do understand how a person can obtain a two-year home residency requirement. However, there are various grounds for seeking such a waiver. To properly answer your question, I requested additional information. I wanted to verify that you properly secured the two-year home residency requirement waiver. I also wanted to ensure you completed the process for your wife as well.

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