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J1-Subject to 212(e) due to government funding from a government other than that of my citizenship or US

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I am Greek citizen. I did my PhD in Germany for less than 5 y.Then I went to Canada as temporary worker for one year and direct after that I entered US as J1 research scholar with a fellowship from Germany, from the German research foundation, that is not a government agency but receives german government funding. My DS-2019 and Visa depict "Not subject to 212(e). However, in the DS-2019 form I entered erroneously as permanent residency Germany, although I had left it one year before entering US. Other German fellows with the same fellowship are subject to 212(e) and I fear that when later applying for H1b I might have problem. However I fear asking for an opinion so that I do not attract attention. It seems that under german law I am not regarded perm. resident after leaving the country.

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Visa annotations are not always accurate. Your situation seems a good mix of global issues. You are genuinely concerned about future and must seek advice. It would be nice to obtain advisory opinion from the DOS to make a knowledgeable choice.
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What is your question?
I think that based on the facts as you present them above, you have nothing to fear, you will not be subject to the 2 year home residency requirement. Also, please do not ask for any "opinion" from a government agency, for they are completely unpredictable and if you get an erroneous decision (as I am afraid you might) you will then be stuck with it, with one officer protecting the error or his/her colleague and so on.
Good luck to you.
Kali nihta!

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You have to work with your DSO to correct the DS-2019.

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