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J-1 waiver of out-of-status applicant pending with USCIS. Can USCIS initiate removal proceedings? Mailed AOS app today.

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Got favorable recommendation from DOS for no-objection J-1 2Y HRR waiver application yesterday in mail. Mailed concurrent filing application for AOS based on marriage to a USC today. No history of arrest. Out of status since 2 months. Is there a chance that USCIS may have initiated removal proceedings when they received DOS recommendation last week?

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No, there is no chance that USCIS would use this as a lead to put you in removal proceedings.

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Doubtful, but you appear to be ahead of yourself. Generally speaking, you need to obtain the waiver before applying for adjustment of status. USCIS decides whether to grant you the waiver, not DOS. If the waiver is denied so will your adjustment application and removal proceedings may ensue.

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