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Ive had 3 DWI'S 2 were prior to 2005 can i still get a CDL drivers license

Independence, MO |
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Unfortunately, it's very unlikely, if not impossible. Call DMV to inquire. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


I am assuming you are a Missouri driver. Many states have links online showing what the various regulations are regarding licensing. You should also speak to your former attorney and see what he or she can tell you about your CDL.


First contact your attorney, if you had one, to address any questions you have. If you do not have one, then you can contact the State Licensing Department and inquire. However, you may want an attorney from that state to assist as they will know more about your situation. If you want, you can find a lawyer from your state here on AVVO by clicking on "Find a Lawyer" at the top of this page. Good luck.


It is possible. There are many varying factors to look at. Some of my initial questions would be:

1. What was the disposition of each the previous cases?
2. Were all charges in Missouri? What courts?
3. Were you a CDL Holder when all of the previous charges occurred?

I would additionally look at your driving record to see what if any points were assessed.

There are some ways that you may possibly qualify, although unlikely based on the minimal information you provided. You need to contact a local attorney who handles a significant amount of DWI's where there is a CDL involved. Drivers license issues regarding Missouri DWI cases and the Department of Revenue are very specific in nature. It is very important to have all the facts in such a case before answering your question properly.

Below is a link to the Missouri Department of Revenue's website and page specifically on this issue.

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