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Ive been summoned for lewd conduct, and ive never been arrested or given a ticket what should I do i cant even remember this

Bremerton, WA |
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Any time you risk incarceration, you have a right to counsel. If you cannot afford an attorney, then one will be appointed for you. If there is a court date, be sure to show up for it and tell the Court you want an attorney. This is espcially worrisome because it could carry the risk of your being labelled as a sex offender. You need a lawyer.

Elizabeth Powell

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It could be an issue of mistaken identity. You do need a local attorney to help you through this process. This is especially tricky since you don't even know what you are up against. Getting an attorney on board early is advantageous because an attorney can obtain discovery (or all the police reports) most likely prior to your arraignment date. Your defenses are not known until an attorney can go through those reports. If it is a clear error, sometimes a conversation between defense and the Prosecutor can be very helpful. It does sound unusual that you were never contacted by law enforcement and that your first knowledge of this came in the mail. My firm is local to Bremerton and we would be glad to help you out. Strangely, this does happen from time to time in Bremerton.


Your description of your problem raises many worrisome issues. Lewd conduct could be as slight as urinating in public but it could include conduct that could label you as a sex offender. Without the details no attorney can answer your question with more specifics. You need an attorney. The attorney will know what to do about protecting you from the charges the government is bringing against you. The attorney will be able to get information without making statements to the police, the prosecutor or the courts which could be used against you. Hire an attorney immediately.

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I agree with the other answers, you certainly should meet with a lawyer before the court date. Find someone who practices in the court where you have been ordered to appear. These are very often cases you can keep off of your record (and avoid jail), but you need to act sooner rather than later.