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Ive been charged with my third DUI . If I leave to another state to avoid conviction can I get a licence in another state ?

Denver, CO |

I have a licence now because the cop didnt show up at the DMV hearing . Can I get a new one in another state ? I,m on bond for 1000.00 . Will this make me a fugitive ? Will they pursue me ?Are these things that will only affect me in Colorado or is it national ?

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If you have a VALID license in one state you should be eligible to get a license in any other state. Whether or not you can leave the state depends on what is set out in your bond conditions. If you leave the state when prohibited your bond could be revoked and you could be subject to jail or an increased bond or stricter conditions on your bond. If your bond was posted by a bonding company, they can come after you wherever you are.


Please see the answer I have already provided when you asked this question earlier. Yes, you would be a fugitive. You could get a license in another state if you can establish residency. However, in doing so you would certainly be violating your bond conditions. You need to get an attorney to assist you and stop trying to be clever and trying to figure out how to bob and weave your way around the law. I assure you that people sharper than you have already figured out how to close the loopholes you are looking for.


Many states will require you to surrender any valid license If your license is posted as bail, you can't do that because the court system is holding your license. There are too many variables to answer the rest of your questions. You really need to hire a lawyer in CO.


Colorado and 44 other states are part of the Interstate Compact Act. They will communicate with one another about driver's license suspensions and revocations. However, if you have valid privilges in CO, then as long as you can establish residency in another state, you should be able to obatin privileges in that state. Mr. Pirosko is correct, leaving CO to do this will more than likely violate your bond. You will not to first get consent of surety and court permission to leave the state.

If you choose to leave CO and not address the criminal charges, the Court will issue a warrant and that warrant will cause your license to be suspended. You need to address the issue in CO and take responsibility. It will not go away and somtime in the future it is going to come back and haunt you. It will never go away.

Hire a DUI defense attorney and put this matter behind you so that you can move on and not live life looking over your shoulder every day.

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