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Ive been approved for ssi but i have 2 non-running motorcycles that they count as resoures to be over the limit if i sell them b

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e fore a actual decision is made can i still receive my benefits? i was offered 25 dollars a piece for the value of them.

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The sooner you sell them, the sooner your benefits will start. You must take care to receive fair market value for them. If you have a caseworker assigned for your benefits, you should ask for assurance that accepting the offers will expedite your benefits and not become a new issue (in which the amount your received is alleged to be less than fair market value.)

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I agree with Attorney Sinclair. Also, make sure your caseworker knows that the motorcycles are not running and you are basically selling them for scrap vaule.

Good luck.

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Speak to SS and let them know that they are parts bikes only. SS may readjust the value based on their condition. Make sure that you are being honest with them in your dealings. Occasionally people have used a straw man approach to liquidate assets for far less than market value while receiving cash under the table for the real value. SS is real good about tracking the titles of vehicles so it is best to make sure a junk bike has a junk title and is not sold for $20 but returned to road worthiness shortly thereafter.

If you decide to sell them as scrap make sure it is to a reputable scrap dealer that isolates you from any appearance of wrong doing.


Before you sell the bikes, get an estimate or two as to their value from a reputable dealer or dealers. They may even offer you more than $25. But if you sell them without proof of their real value and SSA thinks they are valued too lowly, they will not accept your evaluation and will come up with their own.

Best of luck to you

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