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Its my understanding that a Panel QME evaluation is to be unbiased but the letter to the QME from defense seems influencing

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"Thank you for agreeing to evalutate the applicant in the capacity as a Panel QME for the spine. The applicant is a 21 year old male working for xxxx as a machine line opertator who alleged an unwitnessed incident in which he stated he was lifting 70 to 90 pound plastic rolls when felt a pulling sensation in his back.
The defendants do not admit injuries to the neck, shoulder or psyche.
After the injury, the applicant was placed on modified work but the initial complaints of pain were to the low back only. " To me it sounds like the doctor is getting influenced before the evaluation. I informed the attorney writing the letter and he said said "I can write whatever I want to the doctor" obviously I recieved a copy of the letter or else I would be here.

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You're right! This was an attempt by the defatty to influence the doctor. Having said that, you have an even better chance to influence the doctor because you will be there in person. Both sides are allowed to make their arguments to the doctor.

You know, of course, that the PQME is the God of your case. What he says will make or break you. I hope you chose your God carefully. What do you know about this guy? How often does he report as a PQME? Is he ever used by attorneys as an Agreed Medical Examiner? Does he tend to favor injured workers or insurance companies? Will he go to bat for you to get what he thinks is right? A lot goes into this one. Make sure you have picked a good God for your case.

BEFORE you go to this PQME, I recommend you get a free consult with a good W.C. attorney. Find one here at or at CAAA is the association for attorneys here in CA who represent injured workers. Or you can call me for a referral.


I agree, you need to consult with a worker’s comp. attorney ASAP before proceeding any further.

Good luck.

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