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Its illegal to get a order of protection in another county, when is a custody battle and pending?

Chicago, IL |

my question is this is a pending case on modification of the agreement and custody on DeKalb county, mother got a Order of protection on McHenry County, on bad faith, is a legal? what is the legal term for this?

the order of protection was issue after the the fact she got the summons from court regarding the modification

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no, not illegal. have your lawyer move in mchenry to move the op to dekalb. same parties. same kids. both cases involve parenting issues.

happens a lot.


There is nothing illegal about securing an order of protection in a county other than the one where the underlying cause is being heard. If any part of the alleged conduct took place in McHenry County, then there certainly was a basis for bringing the OP there. The father/Respondent in theOP case should have his attorney transfer the OP case to DeKalb County for consolidation with the custody case. If the father does not have an attorney, he should secure the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.


Perfectly legal.

Hire an attorney.