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Items being taken without 2 people knowing and still was charged with misdemeanor larceny.

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On Friday September 6,2013 I went to the local mall with my sister and my girlfriend. We were out looking to buy a gift for our mother. While shopping around my sister stole two (2) rings from Belks (I was unaware and so was my girlfriend) . We then went to Sears to look around. While in Sears my sister stole a watch (without us knowing again). Belks didn't charge me or my girlfriend but Sears charged us with Misdemeanor Larceny for a 30.00 watch. I have a previous record for simple assault, and have an ftc on paraphernillia charge (but all were dismissed). I was arrested Friday and taken from the store straight to the booking process here in Gaston County. None of us want these charges on our record,but I do find it to not be right seeing as how my girlfriend and I had no clue as to what was going on. Can I got to the public defenders office now and or the DA and ask for a deferral and try to pay for what was taken? What would be the best thing to do to clear my record?

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Hire an attorney. They have to prove that you knew what your sister was doing and that you helped her.


If you have a prior record then you probably are not eligible for deferred prosecution. As far as getting a public defender, I am not sure about the local procedures, but typically you would need to apply for that at your first court date. These sorts of cases are tricky--you have a decent explanation, but it really depends on the disposition of the judge whether they believe that you were really in the dark about the thefts.

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Hire an attorney.

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The best thing For you to do is to speak to a local experienced attorney in your area. They will be able to advise you on what the best approach given your circumstances. Good Luck

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