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Itemizing exempt property on sched C

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I am a sole proprietor contractor and intend to exempt my tools of the trade in CH7. Sched C doesn't provide enough room to itemize each tool as well as other personal item exemptions - is there a reasonable way to group items or should I create my own continuation sheets? Can I simply list all tools as one well-defined item?

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I believe in addressing this issue in a middle of the road way - specify your most expensive tools, and then list other misc tools related to your business. if a tool is worth more than $300 - $500, I'd list it separately, otherwise, I'd lump the smaller stuff together.

I had one lady who was so eager to list everything that she even provided me with an inventory of the number of diapers for her baby! Sheez! Who wants to look at that much detail!


You could list the tools in a general description with enough specificity to isdentify sets, etc., and then provide a list of the actual tools to the Trustee before the 341 meeting, however, you should not do this without the assistance of an attorney in tyour locale.

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Be as specific as you can to alert creditors and the trustee what you have and be prepared to provide a more detailed list if necessary. Local rules do govern just how much information to provide.

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