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Issued a ticket, required to attend court -I hit the car in front of me which didn't move when the light changed to red.

Deerfield, IL |

Officer issued ticket as passenger in car I hit was elderly and she was shaken up but yet not injured. She said her heart was pounding and she thought her head hurt, but she didn't want to go the hospital. I found out, her son later took her to the doctor just to be sure she was okay and she was. The damage was just to the bumper of her car and mine as well, and the driver and her passsenger drove away after statement was taken. Officer told me I was traveling too close, but we were lined up in traffice waiting for light to change and my error was taking my foot off the brake in anticipation of the car ahead of me moving.
Do I plead guilty in court or no contest? My driving record is clean.Insurance will be covering all repair costs.

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Do not plead guilty. Your admission (as opposed to a finding of guilty) in traffic court could be used against you if a civil action is filed. Unless the other driver appears, you have a good chance the ticket will be dismissed. To increase your chances or to minimize damages, hire a lawyer. Traffic ticket fees are not high. There are many great lawyers in your area.


I would get a lawyer and try for a dismissal or supervision.


If handled properly, it is highly likely you can keep a clean record and potentially achieve a dismissal. Due to potential civil consequences you should not plead guilty whenever an accident is involved. If this occurred in a Lake County, a trial date should absolutely be set. This does not mean this case is necessarily going to trial, it just enhances the possibility of a dismissal if the complaining witness fails to appear on the court date. You may wish to have an attorney present to ensure the best result possible. Many of us offer free consultations. More information is available at the links below.

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