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Would a spouse be entitled to or made privy of settlement money, more specifically money from a car accident settlement? Even if you're separated?

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If you are separated it should not be a problem. For personal injury claims: Normally, when a married person settles their personal injury claim, the spouse is required to sign the settlement release and their name is included on the settlement check to avoid any future claims for "loss of consortium" by the spouse.

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Sounds more like a family law question.
Can she make a claim? Yes.
Is your recovery potentially a marital asset? Yes.
Can it be subject to an equitable distribution? It depends.
Also, if a portion includes wage loss, it can be included in your ability to pay support.


The answer depends upon a couple of things, but generally, if they're not named as a party to the lawsuit, then no. Since you are discussing a settlement, I am assuming you have a lwyer. Talk to your lawyer and pose any questions you have regarding the settlement to your lawyer.

If you don't have alawyer - you should get one before you agree to any settlement, as you will almost certainly increase your net recovery if you are represented.

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Possibly, speak to a local attorney.

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Did the case settle at the claim stage? Did the insurance company include your spouse on the release or settlement check? Did you sign any paper agreeing to protect or hold the defendant and their insurer harmless from any potential claims from your spouse? These are all questions you should be asking the lawyer who helped you resolve your case.If you were separated before the accident and the case had no emotional or financial impact on your spouse the answer is likely no-except in a divorce situation or bankrupcy


More info is needed. Your divorce lawyer should be consulted, as he/she would know your situation best.

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I think we need more facts. And, I hate giving the "Lawyer Answer" of "It Depends," but in this case - it depends... If you do not have an attorney, contact a local one to discuss your questions.

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