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Is what my urologist doctor did wrong?!

Irving, TX |

hi there! Last july I had a kidney stone so I was sent to a urologist in order to treat it. I was taken into the hospital late july for a lithotripsy (breaks down the kidney stone without an intrusion) It's purely lasers and no entering. Right before I had the procedure, they did an xray to see if the kidney stone was still there.The doctor came and looked at it, said nothing, and went on with the procedure. When i had woken up, they said I had no kidney stone and they went ahead and did a bladder biopsy while I was asleep! This gave me a lot of pain for weeks and so on! Is there anything I can do against this doctor since he went in and did it even though he SAW the xrays beforehand and then afterward said it wasn't there?! I worry that he did something else! please help?!

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Find a medmal lawyer and sue the doctor for medical negligence, assault, and performing an unnecessary procedure without obtaining your consent. If the doctor didn't see the kidney stone, the doctor should have not gone through with the procedure.

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Without damages, a lawsuit would be fruitless.

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Medical malpractice cases are very expensive and time consuming to prosecute. I agree with Mr. Lassen that the damages you describe are insufficient to interest most lawyers in pursuing your claim.

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An x-ray isn't sufficiently sensitive to "see" a kidney stone. Sometimes it can see it, sometimes not. As they had detected it before, likely on CT or a pyelogram, then it was appropriate for the urologist to continue with the procedure. Taking a biopsy is fairly routine and nothing to be necessarily concerned about. To know more about what was done, you are free to request your medical records or more specifically just the operative report from the procedure.

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