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Is underage drinking disorderly conduct? Should I fight my ticket?

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I was tailgating at a concert before a show. Two patrol men walked over to our tent and asked two of my friends and I for our IDs because they said we were underage drinking. We are all under age 21. They said they had been watching us for twenty minutes from a spot about 40 yards away. They checked one of my friends cups that smelled like beer, and my other friend had a beer can sitting next to him that he had been drinking from. They never once checked my cup. I also didnt have my ID on me, so they took us to the venues police office. I was never asked if I was underage drinking. They also never used a breathalyzer to see if i had any alcohol in my system. We were very corroborative with all of the officers. The ticket said I was disturbing people around us, which I wasn't even a little.

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Deborah Zaccaro Hoffman

Deborah Zaccaro Hoffman


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Disorderly Conduct requires a showing of a disturbance or a showing that you were so intoxicated that you were unable to care for yourself in public. You should consult privately with a criminal defense attorney to decide if you should fight the ticket or not. Disorderly conduct can be charged in many ways and I find that it is something that courts and attorneys do not exactly grasp what is disorderly and what is not. Disorderly conduct can be a jailable or non-jailable offense. Even if it is a non-jailable offense in your case it will still affect your record. Consult with an attorney.

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You need to speak to a criminal defense attorney quickly. Disorderly conduct is a minor misdemeanor if charged under the Ohio Revised Code, but could be more serious if there is a local ordinance at issue.

Take advantage of the chance to speak to a local attorney and evaluate your options.

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