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Is ticket for violating noise ordinance worth fighting in court?

Tuscaloosa, AL |

Got a ticket for violating city noise ordiance for playing car radio too loud. officer said she "heard" the music and it was too loud. She citied ord # 10.8-15 on the ticket. Ticket was issued in Tuscaloosa, Al. Below is the ordinance I found. Is it worth fighting since she did not have/use measuring device to determine sound level as the ord states?

Sec. 10.8-15. - Noise on public streets generally.

It shall be unlawful for any person to use, operate, or permit to be used or operated in a motor vehicle any sound-amplifying equipment, including, but not limited to, radios, compact disc players and cassette tape players which produces or reproduces sound in such a manner as to create any sounds or noise which exceeds 75 db(A) on any public street or right-of-way in the corporate limits of the City of Tuscaloosa or its police jurisdiction.

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Usually not. It is usually a small fine and costs.

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Thanks for the reply. The fine is $411.00. My question has to do with the way the ordinance reads, specifying a specific DB level(75db) and the officer having no way to read my decibel level. Just her speculation.