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Is threating to expose a bad company illegal?

San Diego, CA |

A plumbing company stole things from my backyard and have apparently kept a watch on my family for quite some time. I caught it all on surveillance and I am going to show the manager tomorrow. But if he does not comply I plan on going to the press and news stations to expose the company. I will verbally say, "its ok I will expose your company all over the news, do not worry, we will get even after all the worry you have caused my family"

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Be careful in making such threats, especially if you are using them to get something from the plumber, that could be extortion. Just show the video to the manager and leave the threats out of it.
You are free to share the video with anyone, assuming it is video and not audio, especially if the activity took place in an area where the person had no right to privacy. Audio recording creates potential criminal charges, so be careful using audio unless everyone consents.


The answer to your question may better be served by asking you what it is you seek to accomplish? If you are concerned about surveillance of your family and stolen items (and have video evidence) why not report the matter to the police.

You could also use your evidence to pursue the company civilly for the items that were stolen. A lawsuit would be a matter of public record as against this company. Also, you may wish to contact the contractors state license board and discuss filing a complaint. Finally, I agree with counsel that if the motive is "free speech" versus a veiled attempt to force the company to do something, you should be fine but caution and reflection is appropriate.

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