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Is this workplace bullying and/or harassment? What are my legal recourses?

Lawrenceville, GA |

For nine years, I was harassed and intimidated to perform at a level lower than that which I was capable of performing. Basically, I was ordered to do substandard/inaccurate work. After several years of verbally aggressive behavior, I had to be hospitalized twice for severe and debilitating depression/anxiety. The individual involved left the company, but returned. When the bullying started again, I discussed past issues with new manager and HR. Since then, both parties and others have made my job more difficult and stressful, and workload is constantly increasing. I assume they are trying to make me quit so they don't have to fire me and look like the bad guys. As a result, my previous debilitating emotional state has returned. I welcome any advice you have to offer.

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You will need to see a lawyer to discuss the details. Merely labeling conduct as "harassing," "intimidating" or "bullying" does not mean conduct rises to the level of a legal claim. There is no general legal right or entitlement to a boss who is nice rather than rude or mean.


I agree that you need to speak to an attorney about whether the bullying is actionable.
But it sounds as if there is a cultural issue. It may be a good idea to use your current job as a platform from which to find a new one.
Good Luck!

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