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Is this wording in the divorce decree ok?

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At court and on the minute orders the judge stated that he had additional orders to add. The additional order was: EACH PARENT SHALL PAY ONE-HALF OF ANY REASONABLE MEDICAL, DENTAL, ORTHODONTIC, OPTOMETRIC, OR OTHER HEALTH CARE EXPENSE INCURRED ON BEHALF OF THE MINOR. The ex wifes lawyer put in the decree: Each parent shall pay one-half of any reasonable "uninsured" medical, dental, orthodontic, optometric or health care expense incurred on behalf of the minor. Is the last statement basically the same thing that judge requested?

Would this order also be referring to co-payments to the provider? Also, thank you both for your educated responses.

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One additional piece of information: under California law, there are specific rules for requesting reimbursement for children's medical expenses; make sure you know and understand them, or you can end up costing yourself a lot of money. Although these rules are supposed to be attached to your judgment, in many cases, they get left off. I've provided a link to the rules page.


The two statements are one in the same. The first being that if the child had no medical coverage each of you would be one half responsible and the latter stating that even if child is insured, you each will split equally one half of any amount(s) not covered through the insurance.