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Is This Welfare Fraud?

Lehigh Valley, PA |

When applying for welfare benefits and not disclosing any permanent outside income which is extravagant, reason for this action is unknown to anyone, if this is found out by welfare, is their a penalty or perhaps only future benefits denied?

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You have income that you did not report? Welfare fraud is a crime. I don't know how aggressively it is prosecuted in PA ... Welfare fraud is stealing and is no different than robbing a bank, shoplifting etc.

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This would be criminal fraud, and when it is discoverd (and the odds are it will eventually be discoverd), there will be criminal charges filed. States are having a hard time financially and are being much more aggressive about pursuing fraud.

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If you didn't report income, you have committed fraud and if they find out you will almost certainly be charged with a crime. You will need a competent lawyer to address this issue.