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Is this sexual harassment on the job?

Grand Rapids, MI |

A woman has been spreading rumors at work, which include saying I am having sexual relationships with different men. This has been going on for well over a year ever since she became infatuated with a male co-worker and was driving by his house repeatedly and saw my car there. She has repeatably also been trying to get me in trouble with management by going and complaining about my work habits. She has made and done different statements and actions that worry me about her mental stability. I have complained to management only a handful of times because I didn't want anyone to get in trouble. Yet it is not getting any better only worse. Management does not seem care or believe me... What can I do to insure that I won't lose my job because of this person?

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Tell management this has got to stop or
you'll take LEGAL action which MIGHT
include suing them (management).

Tell them you feel threatened by this
person and that THEY are responsible
for the safety of their workers!

You can also file a PPO against this
person. Drag her into court and have
her explain to the judge why she is
spreading these rumors.

You might have to just sue her for
defamation (Circuit Court) for $25,000.
That'll get her attention.

If she threatens you file a police report
at once.

Good luck!



I would need more facts to determine whether you have a claim for sex discrimination of sexual harassment. First, is this woman your supervisor? (If so, your employer might be responsible for her misconduct, and you might have a claim. If not, and if she has no influence over the terms and conditions of your employer, you probably have no claim). Has the situation resulted in an adverse change in the terms and conditions of your employment? Has management retaliated against you in any way for raising the issue with them? Only after knowing the answer to these and many other questions could I begin to advise you.

If management is ignoring your complaints, then you need to make a record that you made them. Your first step should be be to retain employment counsel to review all of the facts and circumstances. If appropriate such counsel could write a cease and desist letter to this woman together, with a copy to management. If this does not solve the problem, you may wish to consider suing this woman (although before doing so I would want to make sure that this will not backfire against you and cause you to lose your job). Bottom line---you need to retain counsel to represent you in this matter---self-help is not a good idea.



No this woman is not my superior, just a co-worker. Although she has been a member of management with this company but had to step down because of questionable reasons. That is one of my concerns, she knows how the system works and is good friends with a few managers. Not to get too lengthy this has resulted in putting me in danger physically and emotionally from an ex. Which management is also aware of. When asked not work with these people (the woman and the ex) one asst. manager was told just to fire me because of the drama. He let that information leak to me. I kept the complaints to myself after that in fear that I may lose my job over these ordeals.

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