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I got a DUI in Sep 2009 days before I redeployed back to afghanistan. I returned from afghanistan and went to court. I enrolled in VASAP. I lived in NY during this time. Due to the time constraints of redeploying in 10 months i never completed the asap program. I than got another dui in NY, a month prior to me deploying to afghanistan. I recently got stationed here in newport news and have been trying to take care of this. I just completed the 20hrs class and because of my 2nd DUI ASAP says i need treatment.

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Unfortunately, you are under the supervision of ASAP. As a result you have to comply with the requirements.

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What is the status of your NY case?

If you have issues with that case contact me. I am a former Marine and assist veterans whenever I can.

Thank you for your service.


You should also contact a NY attorney for your DWI/DUI. Mr. Simser is an excellent NY DWI/DUI defense attorney and I'm sure would be willing to assist. Good luck.

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It is important to understand that treatment is something separate from the VASAP classes. VASAP sometimes insists on treatment for persons with multiple DUI's. This requirement may have nothing to do with your having failed to complete the first course of classes.

You may wish to consult with a local DUI attorney there in the Tidewater area and ask whether anything might be done. But generally, if VASAP wants you to get treatment, the courts are likely to back that up with an order.


You should contact each attorney who represented you in each case and have them review the court orders to make sure that you comply with the court order. It's a possibility that you will be required to complete ASAP twice.


Since this is your 2nd DUI, it is not surprising that VASAP is requiring further treatment. You must comply with their request.