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Is this medical negligence

Galesburg, IL |

My son saw same doctor for years. He got sicker. I suggested he see my doctor. In 4. days diagnosed with lymphoma. In his weakened state he has passed

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You need to have a medical malpractice attorney review the records. I find that having in-house medically trained staff, like doctors and nurses, is particularly helpful in providing quick answers. Let me know if you want further guidance from my law firm.

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Consult with a local medical malpractice attorney ASAP


I am sorry for your loss. I would definitely speak to a local malpractice attorney and have the records ordered and investigate. There are many good attorneys in your area that can help you. I wish you and your family the best in a difficult time.


The medical records of all relevant treatment need to be obtained from all doctors, clinics and hospitals where your son was treated and reviewed by a medical professional. In Illinois, that doctor must give an opinion that there is merit to a malpractice case going forward. Consulting with an attorney experienced in medical negligence cases will help you with the initial process and make it easier on you going forward. I am deeply sorry for your loss. My firm has experience with these types of cases and provides free initial consultations. I wish you the best.


Wow, I am absolutely stunned to hear of this and extend my condolences.

Before anyone can tell if the doctor "missed" a diagnosis, the records would have to be reviewed by an expert.

The best thing to do is to gather his medical records from the prior and the last doctors and contact one of us who handle medical negligence claims.

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

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My heart goes out to you since my father also died prematurely from a lymphoma which went undetected for too long. I agree with my colleagues, get the medical records for a forensic review. Your son's doctor will most likely require YOU to be the Administor of the Estate if your son was not a minor. If so, you will need an attorney merely to obtain the records after opening an Estate for litigation purposes. My firm is experienced in such matters, as are other attorneys here. Please call someone to represent you and your son's other beneficiaries, if any.
Again, my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Jordan Margolis, President
The Margolis Firm PC
55 W. Monroe, Suite 3555
Chicago, Il 60603
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A delay in diagnosing a medical condition can be a medical negligence claim if the facts establish that the delay caused some damage - in this case the death of your son. If the medical records show that a timely diagnosis would have prevented your son's death you may have an actionable claim. As the other lawyers have said, get a copy of all medical records and obtain a consultation with an attorney who has experience handling medical negligence claims. At my firm the initial consultation is free.

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