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Is this Malpractice? My girlfriends mom was in a rehab home because of a fall she had taken a few months ago. She is 84 years ol

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To make a long story short. My girfriend took her mom home to her apartment (her moms) to get back to familar surroundings. She knew where she was, she knows who everyoine is. She remembers what bills to pay. She just thinks everyone is out to kill her. The visit home only lasted one night. She was taken back to a Hospital the next day. She was to much for my girlfriend to handle alone. since in the hosp. they did NO test. Changed her meds and shipped her off to a nursing home! What can we do? Any lawyers in the canandaigua NY area interested in this case?

She was treated for a UTI while in the rehab home. Suddenly woke up one day after taking meds for UTI and all this started out of the blue! She was taken to a hosp and held for six days for observation and then shipped off to a nursing home without even notifying any family members!

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I'm sorry to hear about this, but it sounds like the nursing home may be best suited to care for this 84 year old woman.

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Without a medical degree and years of experience working with seniors, I wouldn't hazard a guess whether your girlfriend's mom has dementia or needs medication, but if your girlfriend believes that its a medication issue, she is free to bring her mother to whatever doctor she wants, or she can work to set up a home care arrangement.

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She is better suited in an environment where she has people constantly looking after her. I'm very sorry to hear of the situation but don't believe she has a claim.

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Your chronology is not clear, but it appears you are stating that the medication for UTI instigated her paranoic ideation, and that as a result she is being shuffled around to nursing homes. If that is a correct assessment, you have a very challenging suit, or more aptly, you attorney will if s/he takes it. Best of luck.

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