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Is this legal to stay 5 days after I-94 expiration?

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I am from India and came on L1-B three years back. My I-94 is expiring in another 10 days. My company attorney says that I can work till the day mentioned on I-94, but will have another 10 days grace period to stay without working. But is this true and Legal. What could be the legal issues that might come up in future if i come to US on any kind of VISA.
The reason Company want to stay might be, They don't want to loose the revenue or might be getting flight tickets bit cheap after that.

Please advice.

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It is not legal to stay past the date on the I-94.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.


It is not legal to stay even one single day after the I-94's expiration. There is no such "grace period" in your category.

You will have difficulties obtaining a visa again or being readmitted if you overstay your I-94.

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You should depart on or before the expiration date of your I-94. If you do not, you may have trouble later obtaining a visa. I suggest you speak to an immigration attorney who can go over all of your options with you. Good Luck.

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I agree. You are accumulating unlawful presence under the law after the I-94 expires. There is no grace period. "Grace periods" occur when immigrant employees are laid off and are given time to file a change of status, but even that area of the law is murky.


It is hard to believe that a company immigration lawyer told you that there was a 10 day grace period for DEPARTURE. Yes, there is a 10 day arrival grace period.

I suggest you direct him/her to this website.

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