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Is this illegal on the police officers' part? And can I get evicted for this?

Alliance, NE |

The police gave me a visit approximately 8 hours later due to a yelling complaint. During the visit, one of the officers asked to go inside and look around real quick. I told him, "Yes." He met back up with me and the other officer and said he had reason to believe I had narcotics in the house. I told him I didn't and told him he could search. Immediately afterwards, I asked what his reasoning was and he laughed and said he couldn't tell me. I shouldn't have given him permission but by law, does he have to tell me the probable cause? Secondly, can I get evicted for being loud, even if I do not receive a warning from the landlord?

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Doubt being loud is a violation of your lease. Never give cops permission since the will always look. If they find something you get charged. Give us a call we can help. We do offer a free consultation to assist people accused of offense(s). Give us a call at (402) 455-1711.