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Is this grounds for an employment lawsuit?

Omaha, NE |

I've recently been fired after not being able to work due to a ruptured spinal disk . After my employer received word that surgery recovery takes several months , they terminated me . I am not ineligible for short - term disability ( Employers provide ) , long - term disability , and unemployment ( Since I'm unable to work until recovery is complete ) . I'm wondering , was it legal for them to terminate me on such grounds ? I was with the company for 3 months , so I'm not covered by FLAM .

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I'm very sorry that you were recently fired from your job. I suggest that you consult a local employment attorney, as you may have a claim of disability discrimination. You can find local employment lawyers in y our area through I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

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Sorry to hear about your recent termination. You may have a claim for disability dicrimination. If you have a claim, you will need to file a charge of discrimination soon, so contact an attorney right away.