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Is this fraudulent conveyance?

Tarrytown, NY |

I received money from the sale of my parent's house. I was living there for 2 and a half years continuously right up until the sale. I have a civil judgment (from a creditor) against me, for an amount which is exempt from collection because it is a homestead exemption. (I am in NY state, and it is exempt for 1 year or until I buy another property.) My question is, I would like to sign my check over to my spouse. Would this be considered fraudulent conveyance even though this money is exempt from collection?

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It doesn't sound as if you have filed bankruptcy, so what you are saying is that if you did file, these funds would be subject to a homestead exemption (which isn't really clear from the facts you provided.) If you have filed bankruptcy, you need to disclose the funds and assert the exemption. I think a fairly strong argument can be made that this is a fraudulent conveyance, but proving a fraudulent conveyance is a difficult thing to prove, and you may get away with it. I strongly suggest you meet with a debtor's rights attorney.

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One, consult with an attorney and give rhem the whole story. Based on what you state here, signing over your check to your spouse may make these funds vulnerable,