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Is this ethically wrong?

Orlando, FL |

My ex showed up to a court hearing with an attorney (I wasn't notified). We were there for something I filed against him,I told the judge when we went in that I wasn't notified that he had an attorney and would like time to seek counsel myself. Well him and his attorney had filed a bunch of motions (bogus motions) against me and the judge went along with his attorney on motions that were filed but that was not what that hearing was for! I said several times that it wasn't fair to me to go forth with this due to the fact that his attorney was present and I didn't have one myself. His attorney pulled some sick stunts and is doing nothing but lieing about me! He has also been reported to the Florida bar,what should I do? Bc the judge made me go threw with that hearing....

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If you are dealing with this type of attorney on the other side, you definitely need to have an attorney representing you.

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HIre your own attorney ASAP, you were always entitled to hire your own. People like to play games and never trust an opponent. Help yourself fast before the time for motion for rehearing expires, usually 10 days otherwise 30 days for an appeal. Good luck.

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I agree with the other comments- you need an attorney immediately. Although it seems unethical, you do not have the right to file an ethics claim against your ex-husband's attorney. The relationship, requiring ethical conduct, is between them. Unfortunately, many judges feel that if you filed the motion (which you said you did), then you are competent in representing yourself.

You are not out of options- talk with a family law attorney today about filing an appeal. You will need to move fast.

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