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Is this doctor shopping in the state of Louisiana?

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I have a question regarding visiting two separate doctors for a similar medication (Adderall) The school doctor has prescribed me 20mg Adderall Instant release. She recently reduced my dosage from two a day to one a day. In the past I have been on much higher dosages and 20mg does not work for me. So when I travel home for the holidays I see my old doctor and get a prescription of 30mg Adderall extended release. I believe these are two different drugs. The extended release was filled one week after the instant release at a separate pharmacy Is this doctor shopping in the state of Louisiana? I am in school and use my medication for myself.

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Getting the same medication from two different doctors is the definition of doctor shopping. If one doctor is prescribing the medication in the dose you need and that's working then there's no reason to go to another doctor.

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But Adderall XR is a different medication from Adderall IR. And the IR one doctor is giving isnt working. Is this doctor shopping?

Bryan Grant Jeansonne

Bryan Grant Jeansonne


Yes but the point is that your getting the IR prescription when you know it isn't working. it looks like you're trying to get one prescription to use and one to sell, otherwise you would only continue to get the prescription that works to treat your medical problem.


Bryan is correct, how many doctors have to prescribe the same medication to you? Wake up you are an addict and need help.

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Actually, under Louisiana law, "Getting the same medication from two different doctors" is not the definition of doctor shopping. Louisiana Revised Statute 40:971(B)(1)(i) prohibits obtaining or seeking to obtain ANY controlled dangerous substance or a prescription for such from a health care practitioner while being supplied with ANY controlled dangerous substance or prescription for such by another practitioner WITHOUT DISCLOSING THE FACT OF THE EXISTING PRESCRIPTION to that practitioner. So, the argument that they are two different drugs is irrelevant, since the law covers any controlled dangerous substance. So the question becomes whether you have revealed the existence of the prior prescription to your hometown doctor when requesting the new prescription. If not, you have violated R.S. 40:971.

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