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Is this Defamation/Slander? If so what can I do about it?

Tyler, TX |

I have a loan which my car title is up on. I also recently changed my # due to several
wrong calls. I have yet to give it out to many, including this loan company. This past
Sat. I received a cert. letter From them stating I was late on my payment. Nothing
accusatory on the letter at all. It reminded me to call them Mon. w/my new #
being that they're closed on wknds. Mon. comes & around 11:30am I get a message
from a friend stating, 'I just got a call from A repo company claiming that you illegally
changed the license plates on your car!' which was completely false! Then
my neighbor calls, someone is at the house claiming I broke the law and that I
was going to jail and had to py$500! My bal is under $300 btw. He is lying, my landlord
Isint someone to cross, I worry ill get evicted!

Reason I bring up my lanlord is that because of this issue, my Landlord will very likely find out. She's made clear she does not put up with 'drama' as she says on her propertys.She does not put up with any tenants having to deal with another tenants personal issues/drama, which is the case with this. The neighbor they harrassed is also her tenant. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I read online that if they harmed my reputation by making untrue statements about me therefor causing me distress or a change in my day to day life, is considered slander/defamation. Which would certainly happen if I get evicted over his false statements.

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I'm not following the landlord's connection to this matter. But at any rate, if these people will testify to what they were told, you don't have a slander case, you have an unfair debt collection case. Contact a consumer law attorney to explore your rights here. You should be able to find a consumer litigation attorney here on Avvo using the "find a lawyer" tab. If you cannot afford an attorney (but keep in mind that some lawyer will take these kinds of cases on a contingency), then call your local Legal Aid office to see if you qualify for assistance. You may also make a complaint with the Consumer Affairs division of your Attorney General's office. Best practice would be to get some evidence preserved here so it would be essential to get an Affidavit from these witnesses early in the process. They can perhaps call contact people but they cannot call and state that you are going to be jailed. Again, consult with a consumer law attorney ASAP and start taking measures to pay whatever is actually owed as well.

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