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Is this Criminal case or Civil Case?

Alexandria, VA |

My Father used to own two stores in Virginia that went out of business. He had two suppliers that he had contract to sell their product. The payment was done every two weeks after he sells their product and he deducts his commissions. He has outstanding bills for the last two weeks he was in business for about $11,000. Can they sue him in civil court or can they charge him criminal or larceny? He doesn’t have the funds to pay the bills now.

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Most likely this is a civil case. Your father should consider filing for bankruptcy or trying to work out arrangements with the debtors. It would be a criminal matter if your dad had the specific intention of stealing money from these two people. That doesn't sound like the case here.


Yes, I agree with the answer given by Mr. Morales.

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Based on what you have posted it sounds like a civil case. However, I am a California attorney so you should seek the consult of an attorney in your area. Good Luck!