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Is this considered identity theft?

Axson, GA |

There has been 2 girls who have been harassing us my bf and I. They finally stopped around Christmas. My cousin got the e-mail address that we had been getting messages from and pretended to be them. She even went as far as creating fake Myspace and Facebook pages to send messages to us. She created the pages one for each other girls..without their permission..would that be considered identity theft? Also is there anything else I could charge her for? She sent like 50 messages a day for the past several months!

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Contact Myspace and Facebook and have the bad sites shut down. This is a 'terms of service' violation. Generally ID theft involves theft of another person's identification information such as SS#, date of birth and name to obtain a monetary benefit such as credit cards. This is a crime that can be reported to the authorities, and a civil violation for which one can bring a civil action against the violator for monetary damages. But, I do not see that your posting includes the 'classic' ID theft definition in the monetary sense.

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Identity theft is generally defined in the criminal context as getting something of value by using someone else's identity, so it does not sound like it was a crime. This sounds like a civil matter.

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