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Is this Blackmail? Extortion? Harassment? What can I do about threats I have been receiving?

Charlotte, NC |

I live in NC and have an ex who lives in TN. Since the break up, she has stirred up a lot of trouble with, and has angered a lot of people we know., trying to turn them against me.

She thinks she has dirt on me with my job, and has recently begun threatening to tell my employer things (mostly false) to try to get me fired (and also arrested, according to her) if I do not take steps (to include lying to make myself look bad) to improve her reputation with my friends that she destroyed. She is also demanding I give her a key that I do not have. I have all of these threats in emails from her (across state lines).

I doubt that she can actually get me fired, but she can definitely cause trouble for me at work.

I was hoping the emails would stop, but they haven't.

Any suggestions?

Turns out she called my work yesterday. Don't know how that is going to turn out, but now I definitely want to hold her accountable.

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Extortion usually requires the demand for money or some other pecuniary interest and the threat is most often physical harm to you or your family. You'd have to speak with a criminal attorney in your local area about the definitions of the various criminal acts.

Also, if she is in another state, there will be issues raised about where she can be charged.

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Consider consulting a domestic relations attorney - might be able to send a letter to cease her behavior - or possibly obtain a restraining order.

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.