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Is this an invasion of privacy, regarding personal financial information?

Charlotte, NC |

My husband is a member of a non-profit organization in N.C. Members can rent a work space, by the month, if they choose. I just discovered that his rental information, along with other rentals, is listed on a form, on the front computer, in the public lobby area, including if they are past due & the amounts! This information is updated twice a month. Many members have access to this computer as well as the possibility of it being hacked into. There is another computer in a locked office, that only the bookkeeper, rental agent & board members have access too. It would seem reasonable, that the renters information be only on that computer. It would be understandable if they had 5x10 work space = $ per month, 10x10 space = $ per month, but not the personal info. of renters.

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That is an interesting and potentially good idea you have for improving the business practice of the non-profit. Your idea is not a practice that is required by law, but there is nothing to stop you from making the suggestion or request that the non-profit do it your way.

However, the present practice of the n-p is not an unlawful invasion of privacy -- not even close.

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It sounds like an easy enough technical and procedural change for them to make. As my colleague recommends, make the suggestion. As it stands, certainly a security risk, as well as providing public access to private information. Write them a letter.

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