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Is this age discrimination?

Edmonds, WA |

I have twel years of great performance evaluations and demonstrated results. But the tides of turned and the new, younger, "influencers" don't know me and I am getting the sense they don't like me and I could be fired. In hiring for positions in my own department the HR person has repeatedly expressed a preference for hiring young people as they are "excited, eager, looking for a place to start". I am quite a bit older than most of the people in this company with a few exceptions who happen to be partners. there is another older person who heard similar statements who is no longer with the company (forced out) but would not testify. The younger people socialize together, and I am excluded from stuff. I suspect the age difference plays a part.

All i would want is a more generous severance

I should clarify. I am not trying to leverage anyone. I truly believe I am being discriminated against and being fired at this age is very damaging. I have had a good career. My company is stingy with severance and at my age I will need more. I added my final statement to emphasize I'm not looking to hurt anyone or get a bunch of money.

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Comments such as we prefer younger workers might some evidence of age discrimination, if there are other indictors of age discrimination as well. To fall under the protection of the federal anti-age discrimination statue you must be at least 40 years of age. Consult a discrimination lawyer.


This could be age discrimination, I would need to find out more though. In my opinion, if you want a better severance then you should get an attorney. Your employer will take your age discrimination allegation more serious if you have an attorney on board. I would not try to negotiate a better severance on your own.

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