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Is this a red flag if your attorney, is representing you in a federal criminal case and his opening statement about you is .....

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Blank because they failed to ask you questions about your detailed life before this incident. Such as community service, volunteering at different charities and giving back to the community, before the case was presented. Another issue is the PSM was written without my input.

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Your question appears to be related to the level of preparedness of your lawyer by interacting with you. Respectfully, we would need a great deal more information in order to reach any assessment on that type of issue. Given the status of your case, with opening statements already made, you need to discuss your misgivings with your lawyer immediately and ask that the lawyer re-explain the defense strategy with you so you can give the lawyer your input. Good luck.

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I am at a little bit of a loss as to what stage this case is in, opening statements would mean that the case has started trial, and this is not something that happens directly after the arrest, which would have easily given you months to speak t oyoru attorney...From your description however it would seem as if time was an issues, this making me think the case was in a much earlier stage and you perhaps meant a bail application before the court, or similar appearance... where your 'good acts' would be more appropriate to discuss than in an opening statement before trial...

I would suggest, as previously mentioned, speaking to your attorney IMMEDIATELY. If you are not happy with the ability to respond to your questions then i would highly suggest that you seek to hire a diffrent attorney, if youre able to, if youre not able to then i would seriously consider seeking to ensure that you take it upon yourself to make regular contact with your attorney yourself.

It is difficukt to answer your question more fully as it is unclear from yoru posting what exactly is happening...


In general I agree with my colleagues. I would simply add that if your attorney is truly giving an opening statement, the contents should relate to what he is going to prove in your defense. I can't think of any crime where your good character would be a defense to the charges against you. This information will become relevant when you are sentenced but not before.

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