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Is this a PFA violation?

Brookville, PA |

My husband who I have a three year PFA against showed up at the bar where I do karaoke tonight. There are multiple witnesses to the fact that he looked at me several times (besides the fact that I saw him watching me) in the half hour or so he was there. He tried to tell the bartender he didn't know who she was talking about when she told him a girl in the back room had a PFA against him and he would have to leave. He is also out on bail for Aggravated assault and DUI, amongst about ten other charges. Is this a PFA violation, or at lease a bail violation?

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Based on the limited facts you provided, it could be a violation. A person does not violate a PFA by accidentally being in the same location. However, if that happens and the person knows that the other is there, they should leave. Whether it is a bail violation will depend on the conditions imposed by the Court for his bail.

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