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Is this a misdemeanor (car accident) ?

Oakland, CA |

In parking lot, I tried getting into a parking space that was real tight. Because of this, I scraped the side of the vehicle and I pulled out. I went down the street (there was no parking left) to see the damage to my car and of course recompose myself since it is my 1st accident, I returned 5 minutes later and I found the owner of the damaged car calling his insurance. I told him that I was the one at fault, and I wanted to handle it with the insurance. We exchanged info, and insurance business is on the way. He said he didn't call the police, and I wouldn't have to worry about them.

Thanks a lot! My father who is the policy holder, helped me out. And our insurance got back and from what I was told, I don't have to worry anymore. The owner of the other car will go to the shop to get it fixed, and they will bill my insurance.

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Depending on the value of the damage you may need to file a report with the department of motor vehicles. Since you admitted it was your fault and are cooperating with the other party I can't see any criminal liability.

I wish you the best of luck.

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You got lucky this time, but never, and I mean never, either leave the scene of an accident or not file a police report, as it usually comes back to bite ya.


You did the right thing. Report it to your insurance carrier & make sure to file an SR-1 (see below link). Take care & be safe!

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You returned to the scene of the accident and provided the legally required information, I would not concern yourself with a misdemeanor worry.

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