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Is this a liability for the complex ?

Jacksonville, FL |

I was visiting a friend at a HUD complex. I was talking and my my brother-in-law approached me. He was taking to me and a friend. I responded in a way that he didn't like and out of nowhere he knocked my 5 of my bottom teeth out. I didn't touch him. I didn't do nothing to deserve this. Now l am missing teeth. What can l do ? He was arrested. He did some time but l want my teeth fixed.

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Your best bet is probably to assert a restitution claim in the criminal case. Get the bills from your dentist and attend the criminal hearings to make sure the prosecutor and judge know about the damages you sustained. Best of luck.

My opinion and position stated above is not determinative of your rights, and you are free to seek other legal opinions. Should you decide to retain a lawyer, you should do so immediately as a statute of limitations may preclude you from bringing a claim in the future. If you are unclear about my opinion or you want to discuss this matter further, please feel free to call me at 305-536-3400.


Call the prosecutor and tell him you want restituition or payment for the replacement of your tooth. See a dentist and get an estimate of the cost to fix and future care to give to the prosecutor.


Ask the DA for restitution