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Is there something I'm supposed to do? I have been waiting more than 20 days to see whats going to happen

Bullhead City, AZ |

no news on whether I will be granted the default judgment or if the defendant gets a new chance to mediate out of court. does it take 20 days or am I supposed to officially document my stance that I don't want another mediation?

I really thought it was up to the judge to decide whether to do another mediation date. was I supposed to file an objection to setting another date? I don't care either way. I suppose my true question is: is it normal to wait 20 days for a court response, either to my default, or to his request for a new mediation date? I didn't think his excuse for no show was good enough. I think they just play it for more time.

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Your description does not tell me very much about your litigation, your mediation or your default papers. But waiting 20 days for a court ruling is not uncommon at all. On larger motions, it can be much longer.



thanks. I should know better than to keep running to the mail box every day! just got a reply today: quote: Mohave_Courts: A Court Order went out this morning on this matter. A form of "Entry of Default" for the Clerk to enter to start the default time frame was not submitted. I will e-mail you a copy of this minute order to your e-mail address.



what do they mean "entry of default for the clerk to enter "was not submitted? I submitted it June 3rd. supposing the delay is normal as you say, 20 days is standard, or 30 days is standard; then do I understand, after the clerk does the submitting part, then the defendant has 10 days after that to protest? all this time I've simply been waiting for the judge to give the one more chance to come to mediation.



to make matters more confusing, the court house people got my case mixed up with a superior court case with the same exact number as my case and a different judge altogether.

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