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Is there some sort of emergency support i can file for before the actual divorce has begun?

Santa Cruz, CA |

Husband of 20 years and new girlfriend want me out. Housewife last 5 yrs and diabetic 9yrs, he has cut off all funds and i have literally $0.00. Food nearly gone. No car and no bus fare in an isolated mtn. area. How can i hope to get food now and housing/employment in the very near future, before the time of my divorce judgement?

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There is no sense in waiting to file for divorce and request spousal support as well as attorney's fees. You are entitled to spousal support and you cannot get that until you commence a divorce proceeding. You can try to get a credit card in your name until the court hearing or borrow money from family and friends to help you retain counsel.

There is an "emergency" ex parte process, but depending on the judge, the best you could hope for is something called an Order Shortening Time which will expedite the hearing date. You have to concentrate your efforts in gathering the relevant facts and calling around to see if an attorney will take your case with a small retainer, in the hopes of obtaining an attorney fee award paid for by your husband.

In the meantime, you can begin educating yourself on the law by clicking on the links I've provided below. Good luck to you.

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