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Is there possibility of filing lawsuit against hotel in Italy from states regarding bed bugs?

Pittsburgh, PA |

Daughter in Florence, Italy with college for 10-day trip. Third day was sick, jumped in bed without looking. Realized that there were bed bugs after several hours. In beds, suitcases, clothes. Had to do laundry there - hotel provided money and exterminated their room with luggage, purses, etc. in it. Ends up one bed bug survived in suitcase - not sure if there are more at this time. Daughter has bites all over arms, neck, etc. Followed instructions on how to get rid of because exterminator is expensive. Lives in apartment and afraid to approach manager. What recourse do we have with any of this? Hotel is in Italy. Our laws would not apply there, would they? Help! This is totally disgusting and expensive!!

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There is a chance you might be able to sue the hotel, but you have to find out the following and it might be a long shot:

1. Do you have a copy of the contract? If so, then you might wish to look it over to see if there is anything in it that talks about where you can sue the hotel.

2. Is the hotel owned by a multinational corporation, or is it a mom-and-pop operation? If it is owned by a large corporation with a presence in the US, then you might have more luck pursuing a US-based case.

3. What was the responsibility of the college? If your daughter got the room by paying through a college program, then you might have a claim against the college as the provider and host of the program.

4. Did you buy travel insurance, or was travel insurance included as part of this trip? If so, then read through the coverage language to see if it covers your daughter's injuries.

5. You might consider calling the US embassy or a consulate in Italy. Ask for help about whether there might be a consumer protection agency in Italy which might help get you some compensation for your troubles. Also ask about whether there might be a bilingual Italian lawyer of good repute who might be willing to take on your case. Obviously, pursuing a case in Italy will be quite difficult since your daughter and much of the evidence is in the US, so this is probably the choice of last resort.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


If the hotel was in the US, she could recover between 3k-30k, but in Italy, bed bugs get discount rooms.......seriously, best bet is to contact a lawyer there, as this is a US forum........


You'd have to get in touch with a lawyer from there since you are correct, our laws don't apply there.


Italian law necessitates an Italian attorney.

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